User Generated Content

Have we recently reached out to you on social media for your content to feature on our website? Congratulations, we love your look!!

By giving you the opportunity to feature your content on our Social Media you agree to the following:

  • we can use your handle and the content on and/or any of NewGen Social Media channels (including but not limited to Instagram and Facebook)
  • we can crop, enhance, edit, adapt or modify the content (NewGen will NOT treat you in a derogatory manner)

You the Content creator promise that you:

  • have the right to grant NewGen the above rights
  • are age 16 and above
  • have the permission of everyone included in the content

If you, or anyone included, ask us to remove the Content, we will remove all content from the Social Media accounts that we control.

You understand that other users of these Social Media platforms can also share and make use of the Content once posted. In particular, a user of these platforms can take a screenshot of and save an image of the Content to their device, share the Content on Social Media platforms or websites which feature the Content. If you do not want to grant the permissions set out above then please DO NOT give us consent to use the Content.