Our Story

The gym is something that we all have in common as it’s not our goals that unite us but the things we do to achieve them. Because although our lives may be very different, we are all here for the same reason, to better ourselves. We’re a team that knows to go further, we go together.

We first launched as CM F1TNESS from the UK mid 2020 during a pandemic as we saw the gym and exercise was, and still is, a way of keeping everyone together at a time when it was needed most.

With nothing but a whole lot of ambition, we set out the task to bring high quality active wear at an affordable price when exercise and keeping active was vital.

We have recently relaunched as NewGen. The NewAge of women's activewear. Still bringing high quality, comfy fits but looking to reach even more fitness queens and support you where you feel like you need it most.

We are grateful to say that we are still here, growing everyday, due to the loyalty of you guys!

Our ethos is Be Ambitious. Do things today that will put you closer to your goals tomorrow.

NewGen Team

For Any Customer Service Enquiries Please Email: info@newgenactivewear.com